The construction equipment department includes state-of-the-art equipment and international standards with high-quality technology, through our presence as an exclusive agent in the State of Kuwait for many Italian international companies, which are unique in offering all its products and providing after-sale services.

ELCTROELSA is one of the leading manufacturers of rack and pinion hoists and platforms since 1982, standard production of construction hoists, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and industrial lifts from 400 kg up to 5 Tons and 220 high.

Electroelsa has also delivered numerous customized solutions for various major projects from the USA to JAPAN.

ELECTROELSA range includes 25 basic models of Material hoists, Construction lifts, and Transport platforms for persons and materials from 400 kg to 5000 kg, as well as mast climbing work platforms that can reach 51 mt wide and 220 mt height.


A crane for the future, High performance, advanced design, innovative style. New generation structure, easy sequential hydraulic mounting. Intelligent control of the hoisting speed: automatic choice according to the weight of the load. Supply flexibility and a wide range of speeds. All counterweight elements are easy to handle, with reduced weight. Simplified rest and leveling.

Mounting by means of a small dimensions truck crane, disassembling of crane groups not exceeding 2.4 t. Possibility of mounting the jib completely on the ground, comprising the ropes, trolley, and winches. Possibility of mounting the jib in single elements without any ground space needed. Selection of the winch version with or without frequency inverter and 4-part reeving, doubling the load capacity.



The elevators of the handicapped and the elderly contribute to the facilitation of the process of ascending or descending of these persons with ease, either in the form of a platform or in the form of a mechanism attached to the edge of the drawers. This type of elevator, known as an elevator for the handicapped or in the form of portable electric drawers, is used extensively in villas, homes, and workplaces.


These disabled and elderly lifts can be produced and designed according to the construction situation of the required size and color. One of the advantages of this type of elevator is that it has a wider entrance and automatic doors with well-known standards. The buttons that determine the number of floors is located at a lower level, horizontally and also be more prominent outward.