• These elevators for the disabled and the elderly contribute to facilitating the process of climbing or disembarking these persons comfortably and are either in the form of a platform or in the form of a mechanism attached to the end of the drawers.

  • This type of elevator is known as an elevator for the disabled or in the form of movable electric drawers, which is extensively used in villas, homes and workplaces.

  • It is produced and designed according to the construction situation of the required size and color.

Types of Elevators

Elevators for special needs and the elderly.

Hydraulic lifts (for industrial uses, goods transportation and cars).

Electric lifts .

Elevators for villas (panoramic).

Providing integrated engineering solutions for elevators for residential buildings and villas

Panoramic lifts Outdoor / lifts Elevators without hole for existing villas / Circular lifts  / Wide range of designs for elevators to suit the villa design.

Holed Hydraulic

The elevator cart is installed in the piston that moves inside the cylinder, extending into the ground to a depth equal to the elevator height.

Holeless hydraulic

This type was found as a solution for buildings built on solid foundations, which suffer from high groundwater levels or unstable soil, conditions that could make the drilling required for a conventional hydraulic elevator impractical.

Roped hydraulic

The lifting capacity is raised to 18 meters without the need for a cylinder connected to the ground.