Brief about the company 

Since 1984 Electroelsa has been established in Construction Hoists with Electromicanic systems and due to fast moving to digital equipment with latest technology in sensors with EU code of safety measurements. In this way the company has a  higher profile, backed by a group of companies offering a range of complimentary products and services. This has also increased the visibility of the company on the international market.

Now Electroelsa produce more than 40 model of hoists and platform which cover all of requirements of the international projects and also for small business ,industrial buildings and workshops with capacity from 5 Tons to 300 KGs.


To promote the use of innovative machinery on worksites while increasing the levels of safety, simplicity of use and efficiency for our clients.


Our aim is to strengthen our image and our presence on the international market. To be the- market leader in the field of auto-elevating working platforms, worksite hoists and elevators while maintaining the fundamental characteristics of safety, practicality, speed and functionality.


Our work and success are based on the fundamental principles of excellence, honesty and mutual trust – doing what is right both for the- client and for ourselves. We operate in an- atmosphere of trust and cooperation with our employees and clients, working towards a common goal.


Alternative to traditional scaffolding. It is suitable for use in maintenance and facade renovation.

The machine has a modular structure, it can be adapted to suit any working area in height.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms

They are used for moving materials (EHM) or materials and workers (EHPM) between the various levels on a working site, be it a new construction site or a renovation site.

Fast and safe assembly directly from inside the cabin or platform, the ease with which it can be transformed from elevators into hoists and vice versa, minimal maintenance and the interchangeableness of the parts used ensures maximum flexibility with a minimized cost.

Material Hoist And Transport Platform

Worksite elevators and hoists are used to transport workers (EHP), materials (EHM) or workers with materials (EHPM) from one level to another in building sites for either new construction sites or for building sites for restoration works.

Elevators And Passengers Hoists

ELECTROELSA range includes 25 basic models of Material hoists,Construction lifts and Transport platforms for persons and

materials from 400 kg to 5000 kg, as well as mast climbing work platforms that can reach

51 mt wide and 220 mt height.

The VALUE offered

  • Electroelsa meets the entire needs of its clients

  • Technical support in planning new solutions for all types of worksite.

  • State-of-the-art products designed to be safe and versatile.

  • A vast range of products suitable for even the most demanding worksite.

  • On-site training.

  • Diffused sales network

  • After-Sales service

  • Technical assistance in Italy and abroad.