Brief about the company's services and products

  • Selection of the base groups either with self-leveling bases or embedded tower elements.

  • Electronic slewing device with direct movement control for easy approaching.

  • Great useful height with crane free from anchoring .

  • A crane for the future, High performance, advanced design, innovative style.

  • New generation structure, easy sequential hydraulic mounting.

Static and mobile cranes

  • Intelligent control of the hoisting speed : automatic choice according to the weight of the load.

  • Supply flexibility and wide range of speeds.

  • All counterweight elements are easy to handle, with reduced weight.

  • Simplified rest and leveling.

  • Mounting by means of a small dimensions truck crane, disassembling of crane groups not exceeding 2.4 t.

  • Possibility of mounting the jib completely on the ground, comprising the ropes, trolley and winches.

  • Possibility of mounting the jib in single elements without any ground space needed.

  • Selection of the winch version with or without frequency inverter and 4-part reeving, doubling the load capacity.